An online first=person shooter that is free-to-play and has a growing competitive scene.

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7

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    7.7 (1387)

Warface is a first person shooter from the publishers of Far Cry.

Getting this out of the way is important - Warface has, perhaps, the worst name of any game ever made. It is a tremendously bad choice, and probably the most unmarketable name ever produced. It's impossible to take the name seriously, which is a shame because it covers up an otherwise decent game. The game has fantastic controls, a really good class system, and it's actually fun to play. There is something fantastic about the fact that a game this polished from such a reliable publisher is actually free, and anyone who avoids it because of the name is missing out on something special.

The name is not the only place where Warface stumbles, though. The game is a true free to play game, and that means you'll see microtransactions everywhere. Unfortunately, these microtransactions fall squarely into the world of "pay to win", and they unbalance the game terribly. While there is some good work done on the matchmaking front to minimize the damage done by this choice, it's still very clear that the people who pay more are always going to be the people who win more.

Warface is a game that's so much better than its terrible name. It's a good shooter, a good team experience, and even a good free to play game. Yes, the microtransactions are awful, but that's almost forgivable in light of how polished the rest of the game is. If you are looking for a good, free shooter experience online, it's going to find anything that can beat this atrociously named game.


  • Very polished
  • Actually free
  • Looks great
  • Team play is virtually unparalleled


  • Possibly the worst name ever
  • Microtransactions unbalance the game

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